Call for Submissions: “In Memory of the National Union Committee”

Tasa’ol is pleased to announce the “In Memory of the National Union Committee” documentation project about the NUC, the first officially recognized political organization in Bahrain and the Gulf, in commemoration of the 61st anniversary of the Committee’s formation on October 13, 1954.

A new website will be launched to document the history of the National Union Committee movement and the national memory of Bahrain, collecting a variety of photographs, documents, articles, and recorded interviews with families of National Union Committee members and Bahraini youth.

Project aims:
  • Introduce new audiences to Bahraini national history by reviving the history of the National Union Committee through new and creative tools.
  • Encourage constructive and critical discussions about the definition of “national unity”.
  • Build a cross-generational dialogue that serves as way to gain new insights from the history.

We invite you to participate in the project through an audio / written interview with us about your thoughts about the NUC or about a relative who participated in the movement or lived through the time period; and we also invite you to contribute to the project with a written submission, or by contributing documents, photos and relevant resources. *All interviews will be anonymous and participants’ names will not be shared in any way.*

Contact us directly via email at: or via WhatsApp on +973 33730106.

Let us question, discuss and delve deeper into Bahraini national history.